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Berkeley Councilperson Jesse Arreguin Endorses Berkeley Councilperson Kriss Worthington for Mayor

Berkeley Councilperson Jesse Arreguin
Berkeley Councilperson Max Anderson

Endorses Berkeley Councilperson Kriss Worthington for Mayor

Councilmember Max Anderson

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Kriss  Worthington  For  Mayor

Kriss Worthington is a Berkeley City Councilmember who is running for Mayor of Berkeley in 2012. He has built a reputation as a responsive, practical, and progressive leader, passing 98% of his proposed council items. Kriss makes real progress on the issues that matter to the people of Berkeley – protecting the environment, increasing diversity, fighting trickle down development, supporting small businesses, increasing public safety, and advocating for fiscal responsibility. Read more

Kriss is known for leading the City Council to speak out on important state, national, and international issues that affect all of us. He is also known for this impressive list of practical, common sense solutions to local problems. Perhaps most of all, he’s known by neighbors throughout Berkeley for his tireless commitment to constituent services, responding to complaints about everything from trash, rats, noise, lighting, and recycling, to parking.

It is time Berkeley had an active, responsive, sensible, civil, and productive mayor. It is time we had the mayor we need and deserve. It is time for Kriss Worthington. Join us on the campaign trail. Join us in City Hall. Meet Kriss.

As  Mayor,  Kriss  will …

  • Reform the Climate Action Plan to prioritize and incorporate maximum environmental and cost-effective ideas.
  • Create an Environmental Department to prioritize environmental issues as is effectively done in San Francisco and San Jose.
  • Appoint more African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and students to City Commissions to better reflect the diversity of our city.
  • End “Trickle Down Development,” and put in place community benefit agreements before projects are approved.
  • Train city staff to better support small businesses, homeowners, and contractors with permitting information.
  • Establish a Neighborhood Notification Network that will allow residents to find out what City government is doing to improve the city.
  • "Kriss Worthington has been standing up for working people and social justice ever since I first met him in the 1970s, when he was a volunteer for the United Farm Workers." Dolores Huerta, Co-founder, United Farm Workers of America

Ranked Choice Voting Comes to Berkeley: How It Works, How to Do It.
Berkeley Daily Planet, September 28, 2012

Kriss Worthington's Candidate Statement for Mayor on the City of Berkeley's website.